Hourglass Kurves Waist Cincher




Monif waist cincher is designed to mimic a sauna’s effect by raising the temperature of the stomach to accelerate fat lost.
Our waist trimmer corset  for women is made of 15% Polyester, 75% Neoprene and 15% Nylon. It’s comfortable, flexible, smooth, close-fitting, can be worn inside and outside, stretchy, not easy to wrinkle, and it has an excellent performance in burning fat. Built-in steel bones, support shaping effect is powerful and effective. The cincher supports the lower back, and helps to relieve back pain by keeping the spine aligned.
Our waist cincher belt helps you sweat fast, accelerate calorie burning process, tummy control, weights loss, “love handle”,” muffin top” and promote postpartum waist recovery, maintain muscle warmth and support to prevent weariness and injury after exercise. SWEAT LIKE CRAZY while doing sport, working out at the gym, walking, everyday use etc. to get that hourglass figure immediately.